I have used the timer on my smart phone when I am cooking but I am always terrified that I will drop it in a sink full of water. I decided that it would be in my best interest to get an actual timer. I received the Smartpro Kitchen Timer yesterday and I have played with it ever since then. It is very different from most other timers on the market. The first feature that I really like are the two magnets on the back. They are strong and actually keep the timer where I place it and does not slide down. It requires one AAA battery, not included. I read the instructions. The dial should rotate to increase or decrease the numbers. What dial? The entire bottom of the timer rotates. So cool. You can set the timer up to 99 minutes and 50 seconds. Very easy to use.

kitchen timer


Very easy to use.

Max. time can set is 99 minutes and 50 seconds.

Large numbers.

Loud alarm without an irritating tone.

Strong magnets for easy mounting.

Display turns off after 3 minutes

Futuristic design and set up.

Uses only 1 AAA battery.



No back-light


This is a nice, easy to use product. I like things that are unusual. The manufacturers description of this product is absolutely correct.



I started using bluetooth ear buds when talking on the phone due to severe carpal tunnel in my left hands and arm. My hands would get numb and tingle and I wasn’t able to hold the phone.The bluetooth ear buds were aggravating because I had to wait for the devices to pair. New technology is not always the best. The Daystyle Wired Magnetic Earbuds had everything I needed at an excellent price. Amazing clear, undistorted audio and I could increase the volume as loud as I wanted. The controller button on the cable allowed me to answer calls, end calls, control volume, skip songs, and pause. No fumbling with earpiece controls that I could not see. I really like these ear buds. The controller is nice but I just wish it was about an inch lower on the cable. Other than that, these are like high-end ear buds without the high-end price. I would definitely buy these again.  #FreeProduct



DreamSky Portable Alarm Clock With Timer And Smart Nightlight ,Time/Date/Temperature Display In 4 Angle ,Battery Operated ,Large Screen Display


The bedside alarm clock that I had for many years died and I was looking for another one. I noticed this one and ordered it. It has a large digital display that lights up when you rotate the clock. Yes, I said rotate the clock. Each 90° rotation display changes from time, alarm, timer, and alarm. I may just be a feature that I haven’t figured out yet but I have not been able to get the display light to turn on any other way. There is no button to press to brighten the backlight if I need to check the time in the middle of the night. The night-light is very faint. Rotating the clock to display time, temperature, alarm and timer is a futuristic concept but not practical for arthritic hands. The timer feature is excellent when getting ready to go out, time dinners, and many other uses. Displaying date and days of the week is also excellent. Let’s face it, some of us wake in the morning and do not know what day it is.

The pros with this clock:

Large digital display

Date and days of the week, year and date displays on the time screen.

Temperature screen in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Timer and alarm.


Backlight is very faint.

No button to turn on the brighten the backlight. I can’t see the time when I wake up during the night unless I rotate the clock or find and put my glasses on.

The irritating beep when you rotate the clock and when you press the adjust and set button. There is a button to control the volume of the alarm but I could not find how to turn this sound off.

Overall, I would buy this again. It is perfect for teens bedrooms.



Fitbit Charge 2 Charger, Replacement USB Fitbit Charge 2 Charging Cable with Cable Cradle Dock Adapter for Fit Bit Charge2- 2 Pack(55cm)

Pink charger? The color is unique and different. Black cables and wires dominated the electronic world for so long. Manufacturers have recently ventured out with vibrant colors. I love the new trend. The USB replacement Charger 2 connects well to the Fitbit. The cable is the average length of USB cables. This cable has a voltage regulator inside to protect the FitBit from being damaged by current when charging. This is a great feature. My pros are the color, especially the color, they easily connect and the voltage protection. The cable could be slightly longer. Overall, I would buy this again. It is a very good bargain, two cables for an excellent price.



ROOCKE Meat Thermometer Instant Read Cooking Digital Food Probe Thermometer for BBQ/Grill

My Roocke Instant Read Thermometer arrived. The thermometer had batteries and a silicone brush included. I immediately wanted to roast, cook, bake, grill something. The problem was that I did not have a steak or chop in the house. I did have Nathan’s Jumbo Beef Hot Dogs. I Goggled the temperature of a properly cooked hot dog, which is 140°. I like my hot dogs very brown so I cooked mine to about 179° or slightly more. This is a very nice thermometer with lighted background, large digital read out and a speaker that gives an audio read-out. I especially like the long probe and the quick temperature display because my hands do not have to get to close to the heat. There is really nothing not to like about this product. Batteries came with it, unheard of and silicon brush. Great product, has a Large Back-light LCD Display, reads in Celsius or Fahrenheit, Audio read-out, quick read-out, and long probe. I can’t wait to try it on a meaty rib eye steak!




10x25mm Rectangular Clear Glass Cabochon Glass Tile Crystal Magnifying Cameo Base Cover Pack of 50

I love, love, love these Clear Glass Cabochon Tiles. They are smaller than I expected but I am pleased with that. The size is perfect for my projects. These are clear, no imperfections in the glass, uniform size. The product description mentioned that this size glass tile would fit perfect in the 10 x 25 mm rectangular shape cameo base but I haven’t been able to find them on Amazon or the companies store. Reasonable price for the quantity. I will definitely buy these again. I am also but other sizes and shapes. The picture are things that I made with the glass tiles. I’ll problably make necklaces with these.


Coosh Wired Comfort In-ear Earbuds Headphones with Removable Earhooks (Black)Coosh Wired Comfort In-ear Earbuds Headphones with Removable Earhooks (Black)

I really did not think that I would like these headphones. You know, wired, not Bluetooth. We get spoiled by the newest item on the market and forget that there are still old tech products that are worth our time and money. I have severe carpel  tunnel, especially in my right hand, the hand  that I hold the phone with. My hand gets numb and starts to tingle after 15 minutes and it becomes painful to hold the phone. Usually, I will connect my Bluetooth headphones. If you have ever used Bluetooth before, then you know that connection is a pain. You keep hearing “waiting for pairing” . It can take a while. In the meantime you have someone on the line while you fumble with your headphones.  It was during one situation like this that I realized how great wired headphones are. I just plugged them in and that was it. You can wear these around the ear or as ear buds. The around the ear loop snaps off. There are more ear tips  for proper fit. The sound was amazing and they are very lightweight.  I have started using the Coosh Wired headphones more often.  I would recommend these headphones. Very nice.

I actually received these free but that did not influence my opinion. If I like a product, I do and if I don’t, I don’t.