LOFTEK RGB Flood Light, 50 watts LED Security Floodlight, UL listed Plug, 16 Colors Changing and 6 Levels Adjustable Brightness Outdoor Light by LOFTEK, NOVA S Series, Black

Halloween is just around the corner and I wanted to do something different this year. I always pass out candy but I don’t decorate or try to create anything special for the kids trick or treating in the neighborhood. I ordered the Loftek floodlight to illuminate my decorations. I have another Loftek light and I knew that I would be getting a quality product. The manufacturer description did not do justice to the floodlight that I received. The housing is very hard, durable aluminum, with a sturdy bracket, and shatterproof LED glass. It is also waterproof and has a remote. A remote. Unheard of with a floodlight. I can arrange the decorations and work it without going outside which is a definite plus for Indiana. The weather in Indiana is cold and rainy and I was not able to get out to set up my real decorations but I made a small-scale model video of how I plan to use the floodlight to illuminate my decorations. I love the variety of color, strobe and flash features. Most brackets are flimsy and you need to keep tightening them but this bracket is strong enough to hold the floodlight in place. This also is a great light to use when working in the garage. I would buy this again and will recommend this to my family and friends.


Remote – Dimmer, brighter button
Strobe, Flash, Smooth, 3 main colors plus
Love the 16 colors, memory
Sturdy bracket does not slip
Very sturdy,hard aluminum housing

Remote does not have a back-light



Autos Wireless Bluetooth For BMW X5 Music Player FM LCD Screen Radio Adapter USB Charger

I have a very small FM Transmitter that I love. My friend wanted a FM transmitter but thought the one I had would be hard to use. He saw the X5 FM Transmitter and thought that it would be easy to use since the size is larger than the one I have. The X5 Wireless Car Kit is the transmitter and instruction booklet. I had a hard time inserting the transmitter into the lighter port because it kept popping out but finally stayed in place . It is very large but the large display area was actually a plus because it was very easy to see the FM frequencies during setup. I set the frequency and the device paired quickly and when starting the car. The size did not interfere with the dashboard or gear shift. There was a problem maintaining a connection with the lighter port when pressing < or > to change songs or control volume and the device would have to pair again. I have another FM transmitter and do not have any problems at all connecting to the lighter port.There is an SD card slot and charger port so there is no need to remove the transmitter to charge the phone. Overall, I would not buy this device again.


Large easy to read display
SD Card slot
USB Charger port
Pairs quickly

Difficult to insert in lighter port. Keeps popping out.
Loses connection when pressing < or > to change songs, control volume
Has to pair again each time it loses connection


YuFalling Polarized Sunglasses for Men and Women, Classic Vintage Small Round Lens

I ordered these sunglasses for my cousin because she liked the first pair of polarized glasses that I received but not the style. This pair has cute, small round lens with detailed designs on the frame.They are stored in a very nice molded patterned case with a black satin drawstring storage bag, cleaning cloth and tiny screwdriver. There is also a small picture to test polarization that you can only see when you have these sunglasses on. Cool. The sunglasses are well made, smooth, no sharp edges. Excellent fit, do not slide down the nose or fit too tightly around the ears. The lens is dark, clear and blocks the sunlight well.

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Let me just say that I am blown away by the many features, technology and quality of the Maeffort Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers. Just saying that it is a wireless speaker, in my opinion is doing it an injustice. The speaker, Micro USB cable, Aux cable, instruction pamphlet were in the box. I plugged into a power outlet to charge before using it but it was already fully charged. I am still using that charge, about 4 hours use so far.

The developers thought of everything when they designed this device, the technology is very advanced.

First off, it has a touch screen. I have about 5 blue tooth speakers and none of them have a touch screen. There is FM radio, clock with alarm, USB port, Aux port, SD slot. Setting the clock was easy and it paired quickly to my phone. The FM radio auto scans and sets the local stations. Radio playback is clear with no static. Blue tooth, SD card and Aux playback are also clear with deep bass that is not distorted when the volume increases. I can also insert a USB flash drive with music. It is about 9 inches in length, which is longer than most mini speakers but it is lightweight.

There is a groove on the top where you can place your phone or tablet while you watch a movie or video. I really like this device because it is so portable and versatile, I can play music using 4 different modes. I keep it on my night table as a clock radio and it’s so easy to take it with me all around the house.

There is one con. It’s actually just annoying instead of a con. I do not like is that the alarm clock sound will continue until you stop it, but that is a sure way to definitely get up in the mornings.IMG_20170730_232553


This was drastically needed in my house. I do not have my computer or printer plugged into this but I am using it because of the USB ports. Everyone in my house has devices to charge and nowhere to plug them without unplugging another item. There is usually a maze of cables and cords around my outlets. I love that I can plug the USB cable for my phone or other devices directly in to the surge protector without searching for a wall charger adapter. Those things are never around when you need them. The Etekcity Wall Mount Surge Protector is well made with a power light. Fits well into outlet, is not loose and does not lean forward. I am going to buy another one to protect my computer and printer from power surges.


Very, cool binoculars! I received the Cobiz 10×25 Binocular Kids Outdoor Binoculars yesterday. They come with a carrying case, neck strap, and lens cloth. These are not a basic plastic kids toy but are very nice kids binoculars. Although the view is clear and magnification is excellent, they are kids sized. Lightweight with rounded sides that are perfect for small hands to hold easily. I compared the range and magnification with my adult binoculars and these are comparable. Everything that I could see with my adult binoculars, I could see with these. Product description states that the eye piece will roll down to use with glasses but is very difficult.


Ergonomic design, hard, sturdy, lightweight, rounded molding
Perfect width for kids
Easy to focus, fully adjustable
Excellent magnification, very clear

Eyepiece does not stay down when you adjust to use with glasses


I have used the timer on my smart phone when I am cooking but I am always terrified that I will drop it in a sink full of water. I decided that it would be in my best interest to get an actual timer. I received the Smartpro Kitchen Timer yesterday and I have played with it ever since then. It is very different from most other timers on the market. The first feature that I really like are the two magnets on the back. They are strong and actually keep the timer where I place it and does not slide down. It requires one AAA battery, not included. I read the instructions. The dial should rotate to increase or decrease the numbers. What dial? The entire bottom of the timer rotates. So cool. You can set the timer up to 99 minutes and 50 seconds. Very easy to use.

kitchen timer


Very easy to use.

Max. time can set is 99 minutes and 50 seconds.

Large numbers.

Loud alarm without an irritating tone.

Strong magnets for easy mounting.

Display turns off after 3 minutes

Futuristic design and set up.

Uses only 1 AAA battery.



No back-light


This is a nice, easy to use product. I like things that are unusual. The manufacturers description of this product is absolutely correct.


I started using bluetooth ear buds when talking on the phone due to severe carpal tunnel in my left hands and arm. My hands would get numb and tingle and I wasn’t able to hold the phone.The bluetooth ear buds were aggravating because I had to wait for the devices to pair. New technology is not always the best. The Daystyle Wired Magnetic Earbuds had everything I needed at an excellent price. Amazing clear, undistorted audio and I could increase the volume as loud as I wanted. The controller button on the cable allowed me to answer calls, end calls, control volume, skip songs, and pause. No fumbling with earpiece controls that I could not see. I really like these ear buds. The controller is nice but I just wish it was about an inch lower on the cable. Other than that, these are like high-end ear buds without the high-end price. I would definitely buy these again.  #FreeProduct